Strawbridge 2016 Langhorne Creek Cabernet Sauvignon

Strawbridge 2016 Langhorne Creek Cabernet Sauvignon


This exciting Langhorne Creek Cabernet has good fruit weight upfront of blackberry and earthy notes, with firm chewy tannins, red berry and dark chocolate lingers.

Harvested grapes were crushed straight into open fermenters. During peak fermentation the juice was pumped over four times daily to increase the extraction of colour, flavour, tannins and aromas from the solids, as well as aerating the fermenting wine. After spending 14 days on skins intensify the characteristics, the wine was firstly settled then racked into oak for 12 months.

Enjoy with a roasted lamb shoulder and spring vegetables or a rich lamb ragu with gnocchi.

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The Strawbridge Story

While William Patrick Auld had a famous affinity with his horse Wilberforce, the trusty steed was, naturally, no match for the articulate Eliza Strawbridge. The pair fell in love while WP was working with Eliza’s father at the surveyor general’s office in Adelaide and were married at the magnificent 

Auldana homestead on November 15, 1866. While WP was a rugged explorer and a passionate wine man, Eliza developed a love of poetry and spent her spare time writing with her mother. Like Eliza, the Strawbridge range boasts a certain level of eloquence, an accomplished wine that carries itself with poise and grace. 

Gathering clusters whence ruby streams Will flow before close of day, Ripened and tinged by the sun’s bright gleams Into purple and gold array; Through groves of vine we, laughing come, Gathering fruit for the ‘vintage home’. 

- Eliza Harland Auld