As a kid growing up in the Barossa Valley, wine is part of your DNA even before you’re old enough to realise it yourself. Whether it was the dried grape seeds breaking their falls from the school yard monkey bars - whilst kids elsewhere land on bark chips - or the ridiculously early mornings pruning vineyards as teenagers, wine quickly became a way of life for Jock and Sam Auld.

Sporting awards came in the form of local wine, often before they were even remotely close to being old enough to enjoy it, and their dad’s 40th birthday port barrel quickly became fair game. The port may have been more out of necessity than enjoyment, at least to begin with, and certainly didn’t make the early starts any easier, but it all contributed to an upbringing that fostered a love for wine that is still growing in Jock and Sam today. It’s no surprise, really – six generations earlier their pioneering great- grandfather was planting some of South Australia’s very first vines.

Now, over 150 years later, they are producing wine that captures the rich environment of their home state while adding another chapter to the family’s storied history; hoping to one day inspire yet another generation of Aulds to carry on the legacy.

We look forward to sharing a drink with you.

Sam & Jock